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Event management team

Kawaii Cooking with Drag Queen is operated by maplease Co., Ltd., which operates Kawaii Cooking, and companies and organizations in which LGBT parties are enrolled.



Maplease Co., Ltd.

Kawaii Cooking is a company that comprehensively produces and operates kitchen studios.

We will adjust the schedule of Mrs. KAORU, who is the main character of this program, devise Kawaii dishes, and procure ingredients.


Out Japan Co., Ltd.

As a comprehensive LGBT consulting and marketing company, we are engaged in activities such as LGBT training, e-learning, etc. to increase LGBT Ally and domestic and overseas LGBT promotion. At this event, we are in charge of program planning and coordination with domestic and overseas LGBT-related companies.


Eagle Tokyo Group

Japan's largest gay bar group that handles two large bars, original apparel sales, and event planning in Shinjuku 2-chome, Tokyo. We are also good at public relations and promotion of LGBTQ events, such as selling out tickets for the world's largest drag queen show "WERQ THE WORLD" held at Zepp Diver City in March 2020 on the same day.


New foundation

Drag queen event held at EAGLE TOKYO BLUE. Drag queens who are active in Japan will entertain you with shows and talks.

Another protagonist of this program, the drag queen, has been selected from the performers of this event.


Baroque Directions Co., Ltd.

Video production company, TVCM, web movies, and other various video planning and production.
We are in charge of planning, filming, organizing, and directing videos related to this program.

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